Amal Flame Arrestors

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When it comes to gas detection and industrial heating solutions, WilsherCo, Inc., is your go-to source. We have proudly supplied technical tools, including safety items such as the Amal flame arrestors, to industries across the world for over 25 years. WilsherCo, Inc., provides complete service with excellent quality care.

Top of the Line Gas and Fire Protection

When dealing with highly flammable components it is necessary to have the most reliable equipment on hand. WilsherCo, Inc., trusts Amal safety systems to protect our customers’ greatest assets. With Amal, you not only keep your equipment safe, but your entire workforce as well.

  • Secure Protection – The Amal flame arrestors are useful in any situation where gas is being transported. This passive explosion protection piece keeps flames from accelerating and rushing through pipes in the case of an accidental fire.
  • Strong Protection – Depending on the placement and type of arrestors installed In-Line, End-of-Line or Combination valves arrestors can provide many levels of protection. WilsherCo, Inc., knows that the Amal detonation arrestors have the ability to contain flames that move at supersonic speeds or give off shock waves.
  • Designed Protection – Amal detonation arrestors achieve such excellence because of their ingenious design. A special crimped metal design creates layer after layer of cells and passageways. These spaces are too small, according to the Maximum Experimental Safe Gap (MESG), for flames to pass through.

Amal safety systems provide more than just gas and heating protection; they offer peace of mind. WilsherCo, Inc., keeps a great selection of inventory on hand in order to meet each customers’ needs. Call us today to place an order.

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If you have any concerns about the Amal flame arrestors or making updates to your industrial heating system, give us a call. The experts at WilsherCo, Inc are well trained in the proper use of these devices and can help you make the right decision when it comes to making your selections. Contact WilsherCo, Inc., today!