Industrial Freeze Protection

Welcome to WilsherCo, Inc.,  premier providers of industrial and commercial heat tracing, including highly effective industrial freeze protection.

Many of the clients that we provide with our industry-leading heating products have sensitive systems that face harsh conditions. Whether it’s an oil and gas company that is maintaining a product process in sub-arctic weather or simply a domestic client that needs industrial frost heave protection from a typical winter, we have systems and solutions to cover those needs.

We know commercial freeze protection — and we can share that knowledge with you

Not only does our subsidiary, WilsherCo, Inc., offer instrumentation and electrical heating systems that were created by the leading manufacturers in the business, but here at WilsherCo, Inc., we pair those products with extensive knowledge and experience to help us meet the needs of your specific application.

If you have commercial frost heave protection needs, our staff of engineers can work closely with your team to provide you with effective solutions that will protect your sensitive systems, preserve the quality of your product and, most importantly, protect the health and safety of your workers.

Our team is able to handle every step of the process, including:

  • Site and process analysis
  • System engineering and design
  • On-site services and installations
  • Repairs, maintenance and other follow-up work

Effective industrial freeze protection is important to a wide range of applications. From utilizing electric heat trace cables to create advanced control systems to outfitting your equipment with other crucial components and accessories, WILECO knows how to provide complete heat management that will ensure you don’t experience freezing fluids throughout your system.

Talk to us about your industrial frost heave protection needs

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