Chromalox MVSBI High-Capacity Steam Boiler


Chromalox MVSBI

High-Capacity Steam Boiler
  • Steam Pressures to 250 psig or 450 psig (17.2 Barg or 31 Barg)
  • Steam Capacity from 3,469 to 22,025 lbs / hr
  • 1,151 – 7,308 kW
  • 117 – 745 bhp
  • 3,927 – 24,935 Mbh
  • 4,160 – 6,600 Volts, 3ph
  • ASME Section I Pressure Vessel Carbon Steel, Code “S”
  • INCOLOY® 800 Sheath Heating Elements
  • 0-100% Proportional Power Control
  • Two ASME Safety Relief Valve(s)
  • High Pressure Limit Switch with Manual Reset
  • Mechanical Float Water Feed Control with Low Water Cutoff Control
  • Auxiliary Low Water Cutoff Control
  • Pressure Gauge, Water Level Sight Glass and Double Blow Down Drain Valves




MVSBI boilers are ideal for stand-by operations requiring high pressure steam in remote areas of the plant, which might incur excessive pipe heating losses or expensive piping runs from a traditional, centralized steam supply. MVSBI boilers are particularly suited for use in off season periods when steam is needed for critical processes or humidification during main boiler shutdowns.

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