QEL Q5 Hydrogen Transmitter Q5-H2-100L-0-X



The Q5 Series smart toxic/combustible gas sensor/transmitters use various sensing technologies to
detect a wide assortment of gases. The units are housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure with an integral buzzer
that will meet the most stringent of applications. All Models feature an LCD display of gas concentration, LED
indication of each of the SPDT relays and TX/RX for the RS-485 or Modbus communications. Pre-calibrated
sensors can be purchased and installed by the user, thereby reducing calibration costs and minimizing downtime.
Should a client wish to switch from one gas to
another, all that is needed is to purchase a sensor/
board and install it. The user can select multiple
screens from the menu that display relay status,
time, TWA, STEL, concentration, and other data.
Programming and calibration is non-proprietary and
is accessed through a user-selectable password that
protects system integrity. The units can be installed
as stand-alone, digitally networked with QEL or
other controllers through an RS-485 or Modbus
communication port that is standard. Equally a
4-20 mA, 2-10 VDC and a 1-5 VDC analog output
that is fully assignable over a chosen range is
standard. User-programmable relays and a buzzer
are also standard allowing several options to
energize relays through instantaneous activation
upon a pre-selected concentration or activation
through a time-waited average concentration.



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