QEL Gas Detection Sensors

When you choose QEL gas detection sensors from the responsive, reliable distribution team at WilsherCo, you are investing in the safety of your employees and building occupants.

QEL gas transmitters and related products are designed to provide your facilities team with the peace of mind they need to protect the people inside their buildings every day. From enclosed parking facilities to refrigeration rooms, oxygen storage rooms and other industrial locations, QEL gas controllers and other sensor equipment can support your industrial operations, making sure toxic gas is staying where it belongs.

WilsherCo has been offering this type of industrial solution to companies nationwide for more than 40 years — let us match you with the right fit in QEL gas detection components.

QEL gas detection sensors trusted by the highest-tech agencies

QEL manufactures a diverse array of instrumentation to detect hazardous gas. QEL gas transmitters and other components are actually used in industrial applications at NASA and the United Space Alliance (USA).

These products, available at WilsherCo, preserve indoor air quality, prevent refrigerant gas leaks and protect human life through reliable alarms. Available products include:

  • Gas detection controllers: Q-, M- and Q4C models
  • Gas sensors and transmitters: CTS-M5, Q5, B5, QIRF, QTS-6000, QTS-1300, QTS-1710, Q8

Specialized versions of these gas detection sensors have been created and implemented for specific industries, including oil and gas, mining, refining, brewing, laboratories and landfill applications.

When you select QEL gas detection sensors from WilsherCo, you are investing in a sensor manufacturer at the cutting edge of its field. QEL is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation, offering new product development options that improve the efficiency and safety of your processes. Team up with WilsherCo for access to these high-tech, high-quality sensor options at your facility. We are pleased to provide you with the expertise and experience you need to make the right component choices for your company. Contact us now to get started.