QEL Safety Gas Controllers

Your Source for QEL Safety Gas Controllers and Combustion Analyzers

Gas control equipment is a crucial part of any business’s safety plan. That’s why WilsherCo, Inc., partners with QEL Safety to provide the most reliable gas controllers and combustion analyzers available. QEL gas analyzers, QEL gas controllers and QEL gas detection devices are used in a multitude of industrial and commercial applications.

The Benefits of QEL Safety

QEL Safety is a leader in toxic and combustible gas detection and control equipment. It has a diverse product offering, and is committed to providing quality products and excellent service, just as WilsherCo, Inc., is.

As a manufacturers’ representative and stocking distributor of specialized instrumentation for more than 30 years, we at WilsherCo, Inc., are very particular about the vendors we partner with. We work with only those who have the best selections of the most advanced products and provide consistently high quality service and quick delivery time.

With QEL safety gas combustion analyzers and controllers, you can be assured that you have the most advanced equipment available to protect both people and property from deadly and destructive gas leaks. QEL safety gas controllers and analyzers are used in a multitude of industries, including petrochemical, mining, landfill and even breweries.

Why Choose WilsherCo, Inc., for Your QEL Equipment?

At WilsherCo we strive to provide excellent customer service. You can also count on us for:

  • Technical expertise on all specialized instruments
  • A large inventory of the best, most advanced products
  • Competitive pricing on all products and services

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