Drawings & Design Services

For more than 30 years, WILECO Thermal Controls has worked with customers to evaluate their heat tracing systems to meet operational requirements and exceed expectations. Our evaluation services include providing field service as well as conducting performance and efficiency audits on existing heat tracing system.

Superior Solutions by Design®

A great heating system is determined by its design. Historically, WILECO Thermal Solutions has provided customers with Superior Solutions by Design®. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific requirements and develop an optimized and cost-effective heat tracing solution, that includes the lowest costs of installation possible.  

Depending upon your specific needs and operational environment, our design services include:

  • Evaluations and heat trace system maintenance
  • Heat trace system modifications and issue resolution
  • Providing supervision during installation
  • Training on heat trace systems
  • Determining the right type of heat tracing system for your needs (steam or electric)
  • Specifying the right type of insulation, power points, proper controls and required materials for the system
  • Providing a detailed and accurate estimate of system costs.


The ChromaTrace program is an industry-leading and proven tool for heat trace design. Our designers analyze virtually any industrial setting that includes piping systems and set up various scenarios to find the most cost-effective solution for your process. Only then do we assemble a complete bill of materials to aide in the purchasing process.

For design services please email websales@wilsherco.com or give us a call at (713) 683-6826. 

Material Supply & Packaging

WilsherCo is a one-stop supplier for every category of heat trace products for our clients, including heat trace cable, heat trace control and monitoring systems, accessories and more.  By understanding each of our client’s needs, we can offer the ideal heat trace solution through our expert team of designers and installers.  We help you identify and procure the right products for your needs and provide the knowledge and experience to back it up and install it if you need us to. 

We offer a wide variety of heating solution materials including:

  • Electric heat tracing products
  • Steam heat tracing products
  • Temperature controls, panels, sensors
  • Packaged systems
  • Industrial heating systems
  • Component heating technologies
Steam Heat Systems

Working with our customers early on provides the appropriate level of involvement to make sure that heat trace projects go as planned.  Our design combined with the right heat trace materials ensures that your critical systems operate as intended.  The resulting package of drawings and materials combined with your crew enables you to install the system where it needs to go with little to no oversight.  To differentiate ourselves from the others, we can provide training on the system once you install it and be available for questions long after the installation.

Should you choose to keep your heat trace project in-house or whether you prefer to outsource it, we can support you with the proper materials that conform to your project’s performance specifications.  Our job is to make it easy for you and help you learn along the way.  WilsherCo focuses on reducing the complexity of heat trace systems by providing you with the right ideal solution for you.