Safety plays an important role in our ability to deliver our heat tracing solutions to our clients. Each individual spends hours annually in safety training so that it is embedded in everything they do. On each job, our team follows strict protocols to ensure safety on each jobsite. Our company is a member of both ISNET # 400-190633 and PICS # 67948.

“Safety first” is thoroughly integrated throughout WILECO Thermal Systems. Whether in the office or the field, we take a proactive approach to safety. Potential hazards are identified, evaluated and effectively controlled, thus preventing any chance of mishaps. We employ safety innovations, including training and motivational programs, to ensure our team maintains the highest level of safety in all operations in all environments and at all times. Our safety practices include:

  • Management commitment that drives accountability for the implementation of our principles of safe work performance to all levels of the company.
  • Safety goals set to ensure zero incidents or accidents.
  • Employee participation (responsibility ownership) at all levels is encouraged and required from Day 1 on the job.
  • Safety training that is provided to all team members and continues throughout each employee’s career with WILECO Thermal Solutions.
  • Job site-specific training if required.
  • Safety Execution Plans are completed for each project including Hazard Assessments, Safety Observations and Job Safety/Hazard Analysis for each task.
  • Safety inspections are conducted and documented on the job site by our teams and management.
  • Subcontractors’ safety records are taken into consideration prior to project assignment.

No lost time translates into no project delays. Ultimately, the safety of our employees, subcontractors and customers at the job site, in their industrial or commercial environment and in our facilities results in lower costs to our projects and company operations.