Tank and Vessel Heating

WilsherCo offers complete Tank and Vessel temperature maintenance heat tracing systems from design, materials, to full turnkey services. 

Electric heat tracing is designed to compensate for heat losses and maintain the temperature of the product stored inside.  Combined with the proper insulation barrier, tank heat tracing can be cost effective solution to managing your tank heating needs, whether in small, medium or large-volume storage tanks and vessels. 

Chromalox® heaters may be used on some tanks to initially heat the contents inside system.  However, heat trace cable can be used on the outer wall of tanks and vessels to provide supplemental heat and maintain the temperatures.  Since tank heating requirements may vary significantly from tank to tank, WilsherCo will evaluate all of the factors to provide a complete heat trace design that results in an ideal solution that is cost effective for each tank or vessel.   Typically we ask for the following to develop a heat trace system for a tank or vessel:

  • Maintenance temperature
  • Minimum ambient temperature
  • Tank shape and surface area – The overall surface area of a tank is an essential element in calculating heat loss. Equations for calculating surface areas vary by tank shapes.
  • Insulation type and thickness
  • Maximum expected wind speed
  • Safety factor

Our Tank Heat Trace Systems Include:

  • Electric heat trace cables are ideal for freeze protection and low temperature process maintenance. However depending upon the unique requirements of each tank, Mineral Insulated (MI) cable may be an option.
  • Heat trace controls can either be mechanical or digital. We offer a wide variety of heat tracing controls that can manage single and multiple circuits as well as custom control heat trace control panels.
  • Components and accessories to make electrical connections and properly complete the installation, such as power and splice kits, end terminations (with or without lights), pipe straps, fiberglass tape and caution labels.

Our expertise spans over 40 years in a variety of industrial and commercial heat trace environments.   We take the time to truly understand your business and project goals so that we can prevent downtime through custom solutions that will solve your toughest challenges.