Heat Trace Controls

Controls are considered the heart of the Heat Trace System and are critical for system performance.  They can vary from simple mechanical thermostats for freeze protection to complex solid-state heat trace control panels that can manage multiple 10 to 40 or more circuits.  Mechanical thermostats are typically used in many heat trace applications ranging from freeze protection to certain process applications when control of a single circuit is required. Control panels are typically used to handle large numbers of heat trace circuits in one convenient enclosure


Custom Control Panel

WilsherCo Heat Trace Panels are complete control solutions for the most demanding heat trace applications

Mechanical Thermostats

Line and ambient sensing thermostats are used for maintaining proper viscosity in process temperature control or freeze protection applications. Chromalox offers a wide variety of commercial and industrial thermostats for your heat trace application. Enclosure options include NEMA 4, 4X or 7 which may be wall or pipe mounted in either Ordinary or Hazardous areas. Choose from our standard, non-indicating, bulb and capillary designs up to our industry-leading, programmable, 30 Amp SSR power switching DTS-HAZ Series. The DTS-HAZ may be pipe or wall mounted and it employs a selectable Soft Start function, AC or DC alarms, large and bright 4-digit display, comes with an RTD sensor and it is suitable for either ordinary or Class I, Division 2 areas.



Digital thermostats are a microprocessor based temperature control and power connection kit. 


Chromalox Heat Trace Panels are complete control solutions for the most demanding heat trace applications.  Our WeatherTRACE and IntelliTRACE lines provide temperature control, monitoring and power management in one package. Choose from 1 to 72 circuit systems for either ambient or line sensing applications in ordinary or hazardous locations.  The intelliTRACE line offers advanced features such as sensor mapping, soft start, multiple sensor inputs per circuit and a large touch screen display.  Choose the ISC Supervisory Controller to monitor and manage multiple intelliTRACE systems.