Freeze Protection

WilsherCo offers complete freeze protection heat tracing systems from design and materials to full turnkey services. A pipe freeze protection system can prevent freezing of fluids in pipes such as water. WilsherCo employs electric heat trace cables to keep the pipes, pumps, and associated equipment from freezing. Electric heat trace cables are designed to replace the heat that is lost through the thermal insulation. We’ve been in business providing custom solutions that solve your toughest challenges for over 40 years.  

Our Electric Freeze Protection Heat Trace Systems Include:

  • Self-Regulating Heat trace cables are ideal for freeze protection and low temperature process maintenance.
  • Pre-insulated tubing bundles can provide cost effective solutions for analyzer and instrument lines, impulse lines and freeze protect condensate return lines.
  • Heat trace controls can either be mechanical or digital. We offer a wide variety of heat tracing controls that can manage single and multiple circuits as well as custom control heat trace control panels.
  • Components and accessories to make electrical connections and properly complete the installation, such as power and splice kits, end terminations (with or without lights), pipe straps, fiberglass tape and caution labels.

Chemical Plants 

  • Prevention of water and other process materials in pipes
  • Tank heating
  • Foundational (frost heave)
  • Safety shower freeze protection
  • Turbines


  • Parking garage pipes
  • Cooling Towers
  • Large roof-top A/C units

Food Processing/Service

  • Ammonia freezer systems

Oil & Gas

  • Skidded pump units
  • Compressors & compressor stations
  • Offshore
  • Long pipeline heating