Barksdale Directional Control Valves

Hydraulic Applications with Barksdale Directional Control Valves

WilsherCo, Inc., is your industry leader in heating, instrumentation, detection and filtration solutions; all at a great price. Are you looking for quality hydraulic products such as the Barksdale directional control valves? It doesn’t matter which industry you are working with or the difficulty of the application, we find the answers you need.

WilsherCo, Inc.,Products and Services

Offering over 30 years of expertise in specialized instrumentation and heating solutions, we are a preferred vendor. Our quality products, including Barksdale pressure level switches, are offered at the best price possible. We also carry a large inventory of Barksdale parts.
  • Names You Know – Certain brand names tend to take hold in the market for one main reason: They do what they say they will. We carry items, such as Barksdale pressure switches, because they don’t let our customers down.
  • Personalized Service – As a heating solutions partner we do more than simply provide the product you need. First, we evaluate the situation and specifications of the instruments. Next, we supply you with the excellent products: the Barksdale pressure level switches for instance. Lastly, we offer field installation if needed. We are there for our customers.

Reliable for Diverse Departments and Industries

We carry a large inventory on hand in order to meet the needs of many industries. Give us a call if you can’t find what you need! At WilsherCo, Inc., it’s our mission to solve new industrial issues.

Proud to Work With the Following Industries:

  • Chemical Process Industry and Alternative Fuels
  • Engineering and Construction (EPC’s) Companies
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Power Plants
  • Water Treatment and Wastewater Plants
  • Resellers
  • Food & Beverage
  • Aviation and Space
  • Pulp, Wood & Paper
  • Metals & Minerals
  • Midstream
  • Oil and Gas including Production and Exploration
  • Skid Manufactures
  • Commercial
  • And much more!

Contact Us Now!

If you are looking for a special product or want to know more about Barksdale directional control valves, give us a call. Our “customer first” perspective insures that we focus on the individual needs of each customer: evaluating services, finding solutions and field installation when needed. For all your industrial heating and control needs – contact our team today.