Barksdale Temperature Level Switches

High Pressure Components and Systems Using Barksdale Temperature Level Switches

As a Manufactures’ Representative and Stocking Distributor with more than 30 years in specialized instrumentation, WilsherCo, Inc., knows quality products. We work with Barksdale temperature witches and level switches because, just like us, they are reliable and accurate. WilsherCo, Inc., provides heating solutions to industries such as oil & gas, petroleum, petrochemical, power generation and even food and industrial markets.

Leaders in the Industry

At WilsherCo, Inc., we hold ourselves to high standards and constantly push the envelope to meet them time after time. With each day and every product order we work hard to meet our goal of providing our customers with excellent technical knowledge matched with competitively priced products. Let us solve your heating needs while putting your worries at ease!

  • Quality Products – We know that products like Barksdale temperature level transducers allow for optional adjustable differential to maintain ambient accuracy in relation with external temperatures.
  • Inventory Management – We keep a large amount of inventory on hand and ready to ship out to our customers. Whether you are local or international, count on WilsherCo, Inc., to get your products where they need to go.
  • Technical and Sales Support – When dealing with specialty products in the industry, such as Barksdale temperature level transducers, we provide evaluation, specification and field installation.

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Haven’t found exactly what you are looking for? Contact our team for more information about Barksdale temperature level switches to find out if they offer the right solution for you. Our industry experts have a vast knowledge of the types of products we offer or can have special ordered for our clients. Barksdale transducers, Barksdale controls – whatever it is that you are looking for – we will get it to you in the time that you need! Call today.