Custom Panel Assembly

For 30+ years, WILECO Thermal Solutions has identified and selected the best technologies for the development and delivery of custom control panel system. A WILECO control panel is designed and fabricated to be the very best in electrical heat trace control and monitoring for industrial and commercial applications.

WILECO panels work in both hazardous and nonhazardous areas, are available up to 277V, and maximize the performance and reliability of your electrical heat tracing system. Sensing all critical heat trace variables and using the advanced algorithms of its microprocessor, WILECO Thermal Solutions Control Panels warn you of potential problems before they become critical and maintain your heat trace system 24/7 year round.

Our control panels continuously monitor your heat tracing system and provide you with user-programmable alarms for temperature, heater current and ground fault current – all independent of the trip levels. Finally, because your heat tracing system is critical to your plant operations, our panels are designed to perform self-check monitoring on all RTDs and switches. Our custom-designed control panels will meet your specific requirements, offer top quality and reliability, and offer continuous monitoring back in the control room.

Control Solutions for Specialized Systems & Projects 
For smaller circuit jobs as well as specialized systems, WILECO Thermal Systems utilize control products from Nextron, Chromalox and Barksdale, depending upon the recommended design of the overall electric heat tracing system.