Frost Heave Protection

Frost heave or ice buildup can cause problems such as impingement on a tank causing unwanted or uncontrolled movement. As the soil underneath a freezer or tank freezes, water forms an ice mass. As the ice mass grows, it can heave the bottom of a tank or the floor of a freezer, causing damage to the structure.

WILECO Thermal Management offers complete frost heave prevention systems for tanks as well as freezer floors. Our frost heave systems are completely turnkey and are designed to prevent the ice buildup underneath a cryogenic tank or a freezer floor. Our cables, when run through conduit under the floor, will provide protection from frost heave. Our control panels provide control and monitoring of the system and help to maintain the ground temperature above freezing. We can provide thermal insulation around cryogenic tanks such as LNG storage tanks. We can also provide internal tank heating systems such as immersion heaters or circulation heaters.

We work with our customers to provide an ideal solution which is optimized to their frost heave challenges and provide the superior results that they are looking for. We take all project requirements into consideration.

  • Maintain temperature of fluid in the tank
  • Tank size, configuration, material of construction
  • Hazardous/non-hazardous service area
  • Location – indoor/outdoor
  • Environmental considerations
  • Insulation thickness and “k factor” (thermal conductivity)