McDaniel Pressure Gauges

When your company needs a specific component, you don’t want to wait forever to get it. That can end up costing the company money. At WilsherCo, Inc., we are your heating solutions partner. We will work with you in a number of ways that fit your specific needs. Whether industrial or commercial applications require temperature maintenance or freeze protection, WILECO has the heating cable, controls and expertise for any situation, including those that require McDaniel specialty gauges.

McDaniel Pressure Gauges

McDaniel gauges offer dependable and economical operation. They are engineered to withstand 130 percent full scale pressure without losing accuracy and to withstand 300 percent full scale pressure without the rupture of the bourdon tube. That makes McDaniel pressure gauges the exception in the marketplace today.

McDaniel Vacuum Gauges

This is just a small portion of the gauges available from McDaniel. Some of the types of gauges available include:

  • Subsea gauges
  • All stainless steel
  • General service gauges
  • Process gauges
  • Plant safety gauges
  • Utility gauges
  • Ammonia gauges
  • Safe zone reflective glo-gauges

At WilsherCo, Inc., we take a great deal of pride in being a distributor for McDaniel vacuum gauges and many other types. We are a representative of the manufacturer, and we provide a wide range of other products from various vendors. Because we have a large inventory, your products are competitively priced and are shipped quickly. We know that you need OEM replacement parts quickly and that is what we strive to provide.

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