Pyromation RTD’S

Resistance temperature detectors are used to accurately sense temperature with an excellent degree of repeatability. Pyromation RTDs are made from specific metallic elements that experience a change in resistance when there is a change in temperature. When an RTD is being used a small excitation current is passed across the specialty sensors Pyromation makes, and the voltage, which is proportional to resistance, is then measured. That is then converted to units of calibration.

Pyromation Specialty Sensors

WilsherCo, Inc., is a representative and distributor of Pyromation sensors. With more than 30 years providing clients with a large inventory of domestic and European products and providing technical expertise, we can provide you with “things that go on pipes.”

We offer electrical heating solutions for the oil and gas, petrochemical, petroleum, power generation, OEM, food and industrial market. WilsherCo, Inc., provides:

  • A “customer first” goal
  • Excellent technical knowledge
  • Competitively priced products
  • High quality products
  • Large stock of inventory

Over time, we have also grown to include full turnkey solutions that include Pyromation specialty sensors and Pyromation RTDs. These solutions also include system specification, component packaging, field installation and maintenance services.

We know that our customer service also sets us apart from other heating, instrumentation, gas detection and filtration solutions. Our knowledgeable staff will answer your questions quickly and accurately. We know that you need the right solution as quickly as possible. In fact, sometimes getting the right part immediately can mean the difference between equipment shutting down or operating.

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