Barksdale Closed Center Valves

Your industrial processes depend on reliable components like Barksdale closed center valves. When the time comes to switch a supply line, you cannot rely on a substandard part to do the job right.

Choosing a budget option for your valve system could lead to process failure and financial strain because of production downtime. Instead of taking that risk, why not work with the premier provider of Barksdale open center valves?

At WilsherCo, we pride ourselves on serving as the top distributor of Barksdale industrial systems nationwide, offering a diverse selection that makes us your one-stop shop for process maintenance needs. Let us show you the benefits that come along with choosing our team of process experts for your process controls.

The selection of Barksdale closed center valves you need to keep your process moving

WilsherCo offers both Barksdale open center valves and closed center options. Barksdale’s valves are designed with the cutting-edge features you demand, including four-way, two- or three-position valves. These valves include options for:

  • Manual overrides
  • Air or hydraulic integrated actuators
  • Faster shifting performance
  • High flow with low pressure drops
  • Detent stop
  • Panel mounting
  • Interflow or non-interflow
  • Spring return
  • And many other advantages and features

Barksdale valves are considered ideal for blowout preventer applications, making them invaluable for the oil and gas market. These are the most advanced industrial valves available on the market today, offering zero-leakage performance in even the most demanding conditions.

Whether you are using Barksdale valves for land-based or offshore drilling applications, steel mill systems, hydraulic presses, or even military equipment, WilsherCo has you covered.

Let us help you choose the right components from our wide selection of Barksdale closed center valves. Our established team has satisfied countless customers since we opened our doors in 1958 — we can’t wait to get started working for you!