Barksdale Pressure Regulators

Your operation depends on the right Barksdale pressure regulators to keep your systems flowing smoothly. At WilsherCo, Inc. we understand that you need a relationship with a responsive, reliable supplier for your industrial processes.

Our team has been providing Barksdale pressure reducing valves to our industry partners since we were originally founded in 1958. Since then, we have been delivering the “customer first” service and high-quality industrial products you need to ensure that your processes stay functional.

Our professional expertise extends to oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, chemical processing, military applications and a variety of other operations. When you need the reliable Barksdale pressure regulating valves that support your systems, it is time to contact the experts at WilsherCo.

Expertise to guide your selection of Barksdale pressure regulators

WilsherCo is more than just a distributor of Barksdale pressure reducing valves and other industrial products. We also offer the technical guidance you need to select the proper valves for your specific application.

As the nation’s largest supplier of Barksdale valves and regulators, we have the insider information that helps you make the best possible choice for your systems. WilsherCo takes pride in our stock of Barksdale products, which feature shear-seal technology to accommodate a wide range of pressures. Barksdale pressure regulators are designed for demanding environments.

They tolerate contaminated media, can be outfitted with pneumatic or hydraulic fail-safe motor options, and can be designed with self-venting and surge-dampening features. Common models include:

  • S2017 1-1/2” NPT Stainless Steel Pressure Regulators
  • L20517 1-1/2” NPT land based heavy duty shear-seal regulators
  • L20415 1” NPT Land pressure regulators
  • 20313 ½” NPT Heavy duty regulators
  • 20415 1” pressure regulators, 1” NPT increased sensitivity pressure regulators
  • 20597 1-1/2” heavy duty hydraulic regulators

When you need the reliable and responsible provider of Barksdale pressure regulators, it is time to connect with the team members at WilsherCo. We offer the professional, responsive service that you have come to expect from your trusted parts distributors. Contact us today to learn more about options for your industrial operation.