Barksdale Pressure Switches

Is your company looking to make a change to a more reliable system of Barksdale pressure switches? At WilsherCo, the nation’s leading distributor of Barksdale electronic pressure switches, we know how frustrating it can be when you are unable to secure a steady source for mechanical components at your plant.

Too often, retailers and distributors over-promise and under-deliver, leaving you with little recourse and a failing industrial process. Instead of having to deal with those concerns, why not consider working with the experts in Barksdale mechanical pressure switches? WilsherCo has been providing process components to industrial buyers and engineers since 1958, offering the reliable service you need to keep your plant up and running.

The completion of your process could be dependent upon the performance of just a couple key pressure switches — why take a chance? Rely on the robust, proven Barksdale technology to get the job done right.

The rugged Barksdale pressure switches to support any industrial need

WilsherCo is the proud supplier of a wide variety of Barksdale electronic pressure switches, which are available for virtually every industrial process. We offer quick, responsive delivery of both diaphragm and differential pressure switches, along with compact, dia-seal, sealed piston and bourdon pressure switch options.

Electronic pressure switches available through our company include:

  • BPS3000 dual electronic pressure switch
  • UDS1V2 electronic pressure switch
  • UDS7-BX explosion-proof electronic pressure switch
  • UDS3 multiple outlet electronic switch
  • UAS3 electronic trip amplifier

Barksdale pressure switches are well-known for their efficiency and reliability, consistently outperforming the competition. These robust components are the most durable on the market today, and they are accompanied by excellent warranties if something goes wrong.

Invest in the technical expertise and process know-how provided by WilsherCo today and see the difference in your Barksdale pressure switches. Contact our team now to learn more about supplies for your industrial processes.