Barksdale Temperature Switches

You rely on the performance of your Barksdale temperature switches to keep your industrial processes humming along. No matter whether you choose mechanical or electronic options for your process, you need switches that are reliable, robust and rugged, designed for even the most demanding industrial activities.

At WilsherCo, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of Barksdale electronic temperature switches to suit nearly any industrial need. When you need a reliable source of reliable components, it is time to make the switch to WilsherCo. We have been offering high-quality industrial components to our valued clients since 1958, making WilsherCo one of the most established companies in the industry.

Countless clients cannot be wrong — consider the advantages of Barksdale mechanical temperature switches today.

A wide variety of Barksdale temperature switches for every application

Do you find yourself having to negotiate among multiple component distributors in order to stock your facility with the parts you need? What if you could find a one-stop shop that offered Barksdale electronic temperature switches for every part of your plant?

At WilsherCo, we can provide temperature switches for applications throughout your process. Even better, our temperature switches are higher-quality, more affordable and more reliable than Ashcroft and other manufacturers.

WilsherCo is pleased to offer temperature switches including:

  • BTS3000 electronic temperature switch
  • ML1S, MT1H and T2H remote-mount temperature switches
  • T1X, T2X and L1X explosion-proof temperature switches
  • T9692X compact explosion-proof temperature switch
  • TPR general purpose temperature switch
  • THR and THL industrial temperature switches
  • TXR and TXL explosion-proof temperature switches
  • And ML1H and L2H local-mount temperature switches

With such a wide variety of products, industrial buyers and engineers are sure to find exactly what they need among the WilsherCo inventory. Our company is the largest distributor of Barksdale products in the United States, offering a diverse array of valves, switches, transducers and other industrial components. Why wait? Contact WilsherCo now to learn more about our selection of Barksdale temperature switches for your industrial process.