Chromalot Heat Tracing Products

When you need an exceptional selection of Chromalox heat tracing products, it is time to connect with the professionals at WilsherCo.

Our team of experts can provide you with the guidance you need to choose the Chromalox product piping for your oil and gas, refining or industrial chemical application. Chromalox offers a variety of options for process maintenance, pipe and vessel freeze protection and de-icing throughout your industrial facility.

Chromalox maintenance products can help your process piping and vessels stay warmer than ambient air temperature, with cables ranging from 150 to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Let the experts at WilsherCo identify the right fit for your specific process requirements.

A comprehensive line of Chromalox heat tracing products

Chromalox product piping is often used in petroleum refineries, wastewater treatment facilities, food processing plants, power plants, storage tanks, instrument lines and asphalt lines. These rugged components include a variety of options, such as:

  • End seals RTES RT-RES UES UESL
  • Splice and Tee Boxes RT-RST RT-TST RTST
  • Power connection boxes SSK PJB RTPC UPC UMC
  • Heat tracing tape FT-2 FT-3 fiberglass tape and AT-1 aluminum tape
  • Pipe straps PS3 PS6 PS10 PS1 SPA PS20
  • Thermostats including THR THL TXR TXL RTAS RTAS-EP RTBC UAS UBC
  • Signal lights USL
  • Controllers including APS-4C APS-3C SC-40C PD Pro GF Pro LCD-1 CIT-1 GIT-1 SIT6-E RCU
  • Sensors RBF Sensors and GIC-AMB sensors
  • Tubing bundles include 2200 series, and the 2210 series
  • Electrically traced tubing models include the 2256 LTM 2256 HTM and 2266 LTM 2256 HTM 2252 CPD and 2262 CPD
  • Steam trace tubing bundles include 2211-2213
  • Heat tracing controllers and control panel options include the DTS ITC ITAS ITLS ITASC1D2 ITLSC1D2 wireless options and the FPAS FPLS FPASM and the FPLSM
  • Skin Effect Heating systems include the SEHS line of indirect heating solutions

These products offer the Chromalox protection you need and deserve at your industrial plant. Get the peace of mind that your process components are properly heated with the help of WilsherCo and our Chromalox consultants. Ready to get started with a reliable distributor of Chromalox heat tracing products? Contact our team now to get started with your custom solution.