Houston Industrial Heat Tracing Installation 

Are you looking for the experts in Houston industrial heat tracing installation to support your industrial operations? At WilsherCo, we have been providing components for industrial heat tracing installation in Houston TX for more than 40 years.

Our subsidiary, WilsherCo, Inc., offers more than three decades of commercial and industrial heat tracing solutions for process temperature maintenance and protection from freezing. When you need reliable options for maintaining process temperature throughout your facility, you need the top-quality professionals at WilsherCo and WilsherCo, Inc. Let us show you the benefits of working with our team for Houston industrial process heating installation.

Combining reliable components with responsive Houston industrial heat tracing installation

Designing a heat tracing application can be a feat of engineering. The designer must create a system that is safe, fully integrated with thermal insulation and adequately powered with electrical supply. Additional constraints apply for industrial heat tracing installation in Houston TX in explosive gas environments and other hazardous areas.

WilsherCo understands just how sensitive Houston industrial process heating installation can be at your facility. That is why we work with your team to select the right components for industrial process heating installation in Houston TX. We help you evaluate:

  • Maximum temperatures throughout the system
  • Environmental tolerances required for your components
  • Whether your heat tracers need to be certified for use in an area with explosive gases
  • Maximum allowable power density for using the heat tracer without damaging the other process components

Our team helps you develop and install the solutions that will cater to varied flow patterns, provide redundancies in the event of sensor failures, and ensure that you are properly measuring temperature throughout the system.

WilsherCo offers the Barksdale components and other wholesale products that make Houston industrial heat tracing installation a breeze. With the right team in place, your industrial operation can enjoy the benefits of consistent temperature control, process efficiency and better manufacturing outcomes. Ready to get started with WilsherCo? Contact our team now to learn more.