Industrial Ammonia Freezer Systems

The highly knowledgeable and experienced team at WilsherCo, Inc., is equipped to design, install or service industrial ammonia freezer systems, a service that proves to be very useful for the many food processing and food service businesses that we work with.

A wide range of food processing operations use ammonia-powered freezer systems. These industrial ammonia refrigeration systems are beneficial for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The fact that they are more affordable than their Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) counterparts. Industrial ammonia cooling systems can provide significant savings for a business while proving to be just as effective.

  • On top of the lower up-front cost, ammonia will prove to be more efficient within your system. This means that it takes less energy for refrigeration, which provides for lower operation costs because of the smaller energy bills.

  • While there are certainly some risks involved with industrial ammonia freezer systems, ammonia is ultimately less hazardous to the environment than systems that utilize Chlorofluorocarbon. It’s just important that your system is installed correctly and well maintained.

WilsherCo, Inc., provides all the services you might need when it comes to your industrial ammonia refrigeration systems. Our subsidiary, WilsherCo, provides a wide range of systems and components while the team here at WilsherCo, Inc., puts those components into action to help you design, install and maintain systems.

Our top priority is the safety of our clients and their workers. On top of that, we strive to provide intelligent design and precision installation so that you are able to more effectively and efficiently produce your product. We want our work to help your business’ bottom line and ultimately enhance your processes.

Consult with the team at WilsherCo, Inc.,

If you are in the food processing business and you need help with industrial ammonia freezer systems, then we invite you to connect with the helpful staff at WilsherCo, Inc., for guidance. We look forward to consulting with you.