Barksdale Pressure Transducer

Who is the supplier you turn to when your clients need a Barksdale pressure transducer? At WilsherCo, we pride ourselves on serving as the largest stocking distributor of Barksdale products in the United States.

We have been stocking industrial products for our valued clients for more than 30 years, providing the high-quality products that manufacturing, chemical and oil and gas facilities need to keep their systems humming along. No matter if you are looking for a specialized Barksdale pressure transmitter or a Barksdale sensor electronic system, WilsherCo can help with your product needs. Let us provide you with the reliable Barksdale components that can stock your retail business for years to come.

The Barksdale pressure transducer selection your company demands

Oil and gas operations rely upon accurate information from their Barksdale pressure transmitter systems to keep their processes running. Other industrial operations also require valid, accurate, and precise pressure measurements for operational and safety purposes.

When you need reliable data, turn to the professionals at Barksdale and WilsherCo to provide your organization with the cost-effective, robust equipment that will support your production and processes. WilsherCo is proud to offer Barksdale transducers designed for gas metering, HVAC, medical equipment, presses, granes, hydraulics and pneumatics, pumps, compressors and gas mixing systems — and many more applications.

We carry model numbers including:

  • Series 450X
  • Series 423, 425, 426
  • Series 420, 422
  • Series 600
  • Series 423X, 425X, 426X
  • Series 443, 445, 446
  • Series 433, 435, 436

Our complete selection means that you are certain to find the Barksdale pressure transducer that will work for your clients’ industrial applications. You can rely on our team to deliver the products and educational information you need to purchase the right products today. Ready to learn more? Explore our online store, or contact the experts at WilsherCo now to get started.