Barksdale Valves

If you are looking for the widest selection in Barksdale valves for your industrial processes, WilsherCo is the answer. Our distribution network started in 1958, and WilsherCo has only grown since then.

We now serve as the largest distributor in the nation for Barksdale sector valves and other Barksdale products. WilsherCo is proud to support clients in the oil and gas, manufacturing, chemical and energy sectors, providing your teams with the Barksdale manipulator valves that can help you get the job done right.

We even specialize in selling Barksdale diverter valves in blowout preventer applications, with valves designed for paper mills, offshore drilling control systems, steel mills and more. When you need technical sales with a good helping of technical assistance to tackle your process problems, it is time to turn to WilsherCo.

Best selection of Barksdale valves for your industrial applications

Did you know that Barksdale sector valves are, in general, more efficient and higher-quality than competitors’ valves? These products offer the high-tech, innovative features that you demand for your oil and gas, chemical and industrial applications.

Barksdale offers four-way, two- or three-position valves that feature manual overrides, air or hydraulic integrated actuators, detent stop and panel mounting options.

Model numbers include the SV-25, SV-50, SV-100, SV-150, SV-200, SVX-25, SVX-50, SVX-100, SVX-150, 10GPM, 30GPM, 75 GPM, 180GPM and 300 GPM, including both SVS-Series and SVT-Series. These systems are successfully used for a variety of industrial applications, including:

  • Paper mill controls
  • Air pilot valves
  • Halon fill systems
  • Gas compression systems
  • Marine umbilical reels
  • Shipboard hydraulic controls
  • Power generation facilities
  • Safety lockouts and maintenance shutdown
  • And, more

WilsherCo’s team of experts can help you find the right Barksdale valves for your needs, no matter your business. We have been providing products and expertise to our valued clientele for decades — why not join us? Let us show you the difference in speed, responsiveness and accuracy that comes along with using WilsherCo. Contact our team now to get started.