Marsh Bellofram Thermowells

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As a Manufacturers’ Representative and Stocking Distributor of specialized instrumentation and electrical heating solutions for over three decades, WilsherCo, Inc. works with only the best manufacturers of temperature control instruments. That’s why we are proud to have Marsh Bellofram as one of our vendors.

Why We Work with Marsh Bellofram

The Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies is a leading global manufacturer of industrial and process control instrumentation. The Marsh Instrument Company was founded over 150 years ago. The business has been constantly evolving in the many decades since as technology and industry needs have changed and new industries have developed. Today, Marsh Instruments devices, including Marsh Bellofram thermometers, thermowells and Marsh Bellofram FRLs, are used across numerous industries and applications where precise temperature control is required. This includes oil and gas, petroleum, petrochemical, power and food industries.

Why Come to WilsherCo, Inc. for Your Marsh Bellofram Thermowells and Other Marsh Instruments?

At WilsherCo, which is based in Houston, Texas, we strive to provide the best possible service to our clients. We also offer our clients:
  • A large inventory of products from leading domestic and European Union manufacturers
  • Technical expertise on all types of heating, temperature control and other specialized instruments
  • Competitive pricing on all of our products and services

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