RKC Temperature Controllers

If you are looking for special instruments from high quality manufacturers, such as RKC temperature controllers, then contact the expert distributors you can trust at WilsherCo, Inc.

Over the 30 years we’ve been in business, we’ve learned which manufacturers can be counted on to provide the products that have strong reputations for dependability, durability and affordability. And when it comes to temperature indicators, controllers and other specialized heating equipment instrumentation, RKC temperature control systems and auxiliary parts are at the top of that list. RKC temperature indicators have been used by industry experts across the country for good reason – because they work – and that’s why we sell them.

WilsherCo: The Trusted Supplier of RKC Temperature Indicators, Controllers and MORE

Our client-centered approach is how we’ve become one of the most successful distributors of specialized industrial equipment and instrumentation. With a knowledgeable team of professionals, and a comprehensive inventory of high quality items, including temperature controllers by RKC, WilsherCo, Inc., is surely the leading distributor that can help you. We supply specialized instrumentation and high quality RKC temperature controllers to customers across a wide variety of industrial markets, including:
  • Resellers
  • Commercial – Food & Beverage
  • Aviation and Space
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotech
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Engineering and Construction Companies
  • Chemical Processing Plants and others
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Plastic extrusion companies
We’re constantly striving to exceed our customers’ demands by improving the efficiency of our business operations, and keeping the prices of our cost-effective solutions at extremely competitive rates compared to our other market rivals. We want you to know that when you shop for temperature indicators by RKC, you’re going to have a hard time finding a better price than here at WilsherCo, Inc. So why even waste your time looking somewhere else? If you want to purchase high quality equipment, such as RKC temperature controllers from a reputable vendor, then contact WilsherCo, Inc., today to place an order!

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